10 Tips To Improve Your Running This Year

January 4, 2007 at 11:33 pm 1 comment

1. Run – Be consistent with your running. Don’t Run 3-5 times per week, one week and do nothing the next.
2. Mix up the surfaces. Don’t always run on the pavement, or the treadmill, or the same course through your neighborhood. Hit the trails. Include some hills and some flats. It will feel better for your body as well as train you for running courses like Seattle.
3. Take Some Easy Days. You don’t have to run hard every time you run. The mistake most people make is to over-train. Schedule 1-2 easy days per week.
4. Increase your mileage by no more than 10% per week. This is a good rule for staying injury free. Too much, too soon can easily side line a runner.
5. Replace Your Shoes. Replace your shoes every 300-500 miles.
6. Stay hydrated. Your body needs _ your weight in fluid ounces just to function. There is nothing worse than being dehydrated during a race. Dehydration can cause muscle cramps, nausea, lightheadedness and contribute to overall fatigue.
7. Replace Glucose during the long runs. You need to replace glycogen if you are exercising over an hour. Try Gu, Gatorade, Power Gel, Accelerade. Dilute these products if your system has trouble tolerating them. Practice using replacement drinks and sports gels on your long runs. Don’t wait until race day to introduce them.
8. Eat a well balanced diet. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends 60% Carbohydrates, no more than 30% Fat, with less than 10% from saturated fat and 10-15% Protein. Carbohydrates are used for fuel out on the run, along with a small amount of fat. Protein is mostly used for tissue repair.
9. Eat to Recover. Replace your glycogen stores after a long workout. Replace the fluid that was lost, as well as potassium, and sodium within half an hour of your event. Eat a balanced meal containing carbohydrates, protein and fat with 2 hours of your endurance event.
10. Stretch & Strengthen. Stretching will help muscles maintain their flexibility as well as remove some of the lactic acid build up in the muscles, which causes soreness. As you run, stress is placed on the origin and the insertion of the muscle. By stretching you are able to relieve soreness and tightness of the muscle. Strength training is a great way to stay injury free. Maintaining strong muscles takes some of the stress off the muscles at the origin and insertion points.


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